About Strebl Energy

Strebl Energy Pte Ltd is dynamic company specializing in power industry. We deliver innovative projects that effectively promote sustainable development and growth for urban or remote communities. We provide our clients with complete services in Renewable Energy, Waste-to-energy, Energy Recovery and Advanced Technology Solutions.

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Our Services

  • Economic analysis considering several scenarios
  • Functional tendering and assistance with awarding of contract
  • General representation of the client for the duration of the construction project
  • Compilation of cross references and process control during the investment phase
  • Analyzing the early stages of the new facility (evaluation of production concepts)
  • Site development, design, concept and plant construction
  • Coordination with general contractors, construction supervision and management
  • General engineering design, commissioning of the plant, guarantee regarding cut surfaces and procedural safeguards
  • Input procurement and contract negotiations with suppliers
  • Organize detailed technical trainings and education programs
  • Recruit results-oriented experts
  • Business control both commercially and technologically during the operational stage
  • Analyzing existing plants to ensure optimal performance, reliability and income (minimizing cost, maximizing output and efficiency)
  • Identifying specific short-term plant optimization objectives and best practice policies
  • Optimisation and automation of technical processes

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